Lotus Leggings – you thwart my self control

Lotus Leggings Sale!
It’s USA summer: there are lots of reductions and sales.
My feeds are full of them.

I want to be that person.
Who rocks geeky fashion.
Who confidently pairs eye catching leggings with her blue boots.
Who looks like she’s¬†above active wear at the gym.

But really I’m not that kind of person. I know if purchased, they would sit unworn in my cupboard.
I’m not that confident. I’m never that cold. I don’t need more clothing.
I know it.

But I still want them. They pop up in my Insta feed, on my Google searches, in conversation…
They are so pretty, so distracting. I fill my shopping cart with my favourites.
Slowly but surely I feel my control wavering. Maybe I could buy them as a present… maybe I could share an order with someone… maybe someone could buy them as a present for me…

Remember you don’t need these. Remember you don’t want these. Remember you won’t use these.
Rather I’m chasing a moment of fantasy, of distraction, of fleeting pleasure.
Close the website. Do something better.
Watching cat videos would bring infinitely more enjoyment at a lower cost and with time limit.