Happy making day

A few weeks ago we had writers’ retreat. Here is Mick & Kamina’s description on how to design your own.

Amid the writing, the relaxing, the eating and drinking there were also seminar sessions.
Kamina ran one on happiness: we identified “conditions, values or circumstances that align with deep-soul happiness” and highlighted ways to increase or establish more of those in our lives.
Stephen, my dear logical, analytical, rational engineer extraordinaire found it very helpful.

Turns out I don’t like these things.

  • breakfast at start of the day
  • fish and chips
  • large groups of people
  • long chunks of sleep or isolated rest
  • binge watching tv
  • being alone

Things I like more

  • armchair reading in the sun
  • slow breakfast after productivity
  • walks along river
  • cooking for people
  • baths w jazz
  • background music
  • soft jumpers straight on skin
  • gin
  • learning about people’s passions
  • company
  • biographies

Last week was busy – grumpy became my default, impatience my rhythm – I needed to recharge.

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