Triple Treat: Old School Music

High School
I turned up eagerly in shiny navy and bright jade.

I was looking forward to learning.
I was looking forward to friendships.
I was looking forward to distance from bullies.
I was looking forward to an environment away from my parents.
My first week of high school destroys all those aspirations – but grade 11 was a good year.

It was a good year because
– suddenly classes were smaller and focused
– relationships at school and elsewhere were established
– my faith had deepened and sharpened
– my playlist widened

This month I’ve been returning to the albums on repeat that year.

1. Moondance, Van Morrison

2. Slightly Odway, Jebediah (I’d forgotten all the swearing)

3. Take Five, Dave Brubeck

Snapshot: Retiree

 Last week I had tea with one of the guys from church and his wife. It was an entertaining and encouraging conversation. I also interviewed him for this month’s Snapshot.

So meet Bernard.

Best use of $100?
A couple of nice shirts – mine are getting worn out.
But if you asked back when I started work, I was saving to buy a reel to reel recorder which was £100 pounds

Current vocation?
Retiree (previously Property valuer and organ technician)

Average week’s activities?
I’m out every day to a variety of things: church, appointments, concerts, funerals.

How many people do you interact with each week? In person/phone/online
I have incidental but meaningful chatting with 10 or shopkeepers across the road or at the local mall. Living in the same area since 1969 means we have lots of relationships, it’s like a village. I also talk with people at church.

This week I bumped into an acquaintance recovering from an operation and had a longer conversation.
Plus the phone rings regularly, perhaps 7 of those calls are longer conversations with close contacts.
I’m also fairly savvy on the Facebook.

What is one way you support someone each week?
I love and care for my wife, who has medium level needs.
I bring in the bins for our neighbours.

What action did you take this month to support someone you contact irregularly?
I have spasmodic contact with adult grandchildren, especially the few living locally.
I always seek to write a meaningful note to the bereaved – more than a card.

What did someone do this week to love you?
My wife – as much as she can.
Others show appreciation and encourage me when I receive written thanks for playing funerals (& weddings but they are less common now).

How do you practically care for yourself?
Music is a big part of to recharge my batteries. I listen to recorded music. Now I have an organ in the house sometimes I try to play something different or difficult. The hard work relaxes me, even after a long day.