Life Event: new baby

Suddenly there is a small human for which you are responsible. The idea seems cute and fun and happy – but interrupted sleep is a torture technique. Hear the stories of two sets of new parents.

Agnes & Bernard A

What is a book or tv show you enjoyed in primary school?  Why did you like it?
A – It’s probably out of print now, but I remember loving An Alien at St Wilfred’s, by Adrian Plass.  It’s a little paperback about an alien that comes to a church in England in the middle of nowhere for a few weeks, and hangs out with a small group of people.  I love the way the characters are all so broken, yet they are able to love and support each other and to grow together.

B – I enjoyed reading the Deltora Quest books by Emily Rodda. I enjoyed the adventure, and the mythology of the books.

Give us a quick overview of the details in your life event?
We had (our first) baby.
What’s it like?
A – Insanely amazing.  The first week (birth, hospital time, coming home) was incredibly intense, but we’ve settled in now and life has a new normal.
B – It’s good. There’s a cuddly little baby who falls asleep on you!
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