Lotus Leggings – you thwart my self control

Lotus Leggings Sale!
It’s USA summer: there are lots of reductions and sales.
My feeds are full of them.

I want to be that person.
Who rocks geeky fashion.
Who confidently pairs eye catching leggings with her blue boots.
Who looks like she’sĀ above active wear at the gym.

But really I’m not that kind of person. I know if purchased, they would sit unworn in my cupboard.
I’m not that confident. I’m never that cold. I don’t need more clothing.
I know it.

But I still want them. They pop up in my Insta feed, on my Google searches, in conversation…
They are so pretty, so distracting. I fill my shopping cart with my favourites.
Slowly but surely I feel my control wavering. Maybe I could buy them as a present… maybe I could share an order with someone… maybe someone could buy them as a present for me…

Remember you don’t need these. Remember you don’t want these. Remember you won’t use these.
Rather I’m chasing a moment of fantasy, of distraction, of fleeting pleasure.
Close the website. Do something better.
Watching cat videos would bring infinitely more enjoyment at a lower cost and with time limit.


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