Disclaimer: I’m just me.

Sure, I’ve been loving people and reflecting upon it for a while. And I’m seeking to write in an emphatic and supportive way, to find avenues to be helpful as we do this together. But I have no training or work experience in counselling, psychology or any of the relevant disciplines.

I’m on a journey to love people deeply, not at the start and definitely not at the end.


Disclaimer: Fake names

The majority of discussions will come from personal anecdotes. Most posts connect directly with a conversation. Whilst I seek honesty and authenticity as we explore loving people deeply, in order to keep matters private I will consistently use false names.

Stories recounted will be about Felicity and Jonathan.

Interviews shared will be about Agnes and Bernard.

Don’t be concerned or distressed that these dear folk experience so much crisis, they are the amalgamation of all my circles and experiences.