Triple Treat: Podcasts

College has started. I’m tired.
But so far I’m keeping up with readings, lectures and assessment.

Increased public transport time has included more podcasts.

  1. The Popcast with Jamie and Knox
    Highly entertaining conversations about pop culture.
    I’ve only listened to a few so far but those ones have been frivolous and enjoyable.
  2. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
    National biography entries read aloud.
    I find people’s lives are so interesting.
    Recent highlights: A A Milne, Ada Lovelace and Audrey Hepburn
  3. 5 Minutes in Church History
    Quick insights into various moments in the history of the church.
    I enjoy the material, but the theme music is very annoying.

A book I enjoy, combining biography, church history and great illustrations.

The Church History ABCs: Augustine and 25 other heroes of the faith

Triple Treat: Theatre

I love going to the theatre and concerts!

Recent attendance:
1. Blue, Queenie van der Zandt Powerhouse – June
Queenie as Joni Mitchell tore our hearts apart and up,  then put them back together in joy and wonder at the art and beauty of her music.

2. King & I, Rodgers & Hammerstein Savoyards – June
Obviously our niece and nephew stole the show as some of the King’s children. Though the last scenes of the musical caused me lots of frustration – I struggled with the representation of both cultures.

3. Ruddigore,  Gilbert & Sullivan QOpera – July
We found $25 tickets for the balcony. So much fun.
We both grew up listening to Gilbert & Sullivan with our families.

Past favourites:
1. The Magic Flute,  Mozart QPAC 2000
School trip: I slipped in with the Music and Drama students.
My first ‘big’ show.

2. Much Ado About Nothing, ShakespeareGlobe Theatre 2011
Stephen and I were in London… so good.

3. Women in Voice, QPAC/Judith Wright multiple years
Dad likes to use our birthdays to encourage us with strong women.
Mum receives biographies, I receive tickets to WiV!

If you can’t afford tickets…
– ask for them as gifts
– enter competitions  (most venues mailing list or lifestyle sites e.g. The Judith Wright Centre, The Weekend Edition)
– check out free events
– look for discounts
– watch some university performances (QUT/Griffith/UQ all give free or low cost performances)

Triple Treat: board games on high rotation

Yes, we are board game geeks.

Late high school and early uni, Stephen had two group of friends regularly gathering to play Risk. Which is essentially a dice rolling game that goes forever… and forever… and is mostly luck.

Once we started dating I tried to curb the late nights of dice rolling. But this established group of friends wanted to keep playing games – their preference of social interaction over dinner or movies or conversation or walks.

Thus began my investigation into other board games. Mostly fuelled early on by Board Game Geek.
Over the past decade our collection has grown from early beginnings of Carcassonne and Risk 2210 A.D. (the best version, it includes strategy) to become a hobby  Stephen and I enjoy together, and share with friends and family.

These three games are on high rotation at our place. They are easy to teach and learn, provide fun for both the newcomer and experienced gamer.

  1. Concept
    The aim is to use provided icons to produce clues for other players to guess what you are describing. Think Pictionary with added fun and drawing ability eliminated. We always play this collaboratively – though there is a team scoring mechanic.
    It’s great with kids and adults; it’s great with new gamers; it’s great for people who prefer to watch.
  2. Carcassonne
    Tile laying game seeking to complete city features to gain points and win the game. The rules are quick to explain and understand. The game is enjoyable for most people. Different temperaments can play together – the deep strategist, the nimble tactician, the companionable disinterested.
  3. Qwirkle
    Mild spatial awareness game, placing tiles in lines of matching colour or shape of symbols. Quick to learn and easy to play, it allows for both deep and light concentration.

I like games because

  • FUN
  • mind stretching
  • low key social interaction
  • personalities’ expressed

Apart from my own house, Netherworld is my current favourite gaming location.

Board games can be expensive it’s great to check a game before you buy it. There a bunch of local games stores in Brisbane now, but I still use Australian Board Game Shopper to look for sales.

Triple Treat: Old School Music

High School
I turned up eagerly in shiny navy and bright jade.

I was looking forward to learning.
I was looking forward to friendships.
I was looking forward to distance from bullies.
I was looking forward to an environment away from my parents.
My first week of high school destroys all those aspirations – but grade 11 was a good year.

It was a good year because
– suddenly classes were smaller and focused
– relationships at school and elsewhere were established
– my faith had deepened and sharpened
– my playlist widened

This month I’ve been returning to the albums on repeat that year.

1. Moondance, Van Morrison

2. Slightly Odway, Jebediah (I’d forgotten all the swearing)

3. Take Five, Dave Brubeck

Triple Treat: Groups of Friends

My Dad has a theory about making friendships as an adult.
It goes like this:

“Recognise you will not make friends.
Do something you like regularly and be interested in people.
Wait two years – then you have friends in your interest groups.”

This year routine has helped. I see the same small groups of people consistently. I feel so safe and valued.
Individual friendship and other things have been good, but these are my groups.

1. Gin club
I started this in late 2015. Every couple of months we assemble on the back deck, taste 3 new gins and then head downstairs for a cocktail at the bar. Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz is my stand out fave.

2. Writers’ group
Kamina started this in 2016. Each Wednesday we head to Black Sheep Coffee to drink, chat and write.

3. Cheese Club
This had been happening in a haphazard way with some old friends. We solidified the plans at the start of 2017, to meet every six weeks. We gather for dinner, a board game and to try different cheese platters. The most enjoyment has come from Red Leicester and a reduction in the frequency of Flashpoint.

So why has this been helpful?
I commit to doing things with people.
I invest in relationships.
I see people regularly.

It’s hard but consistency has been good.
They’ve seen the ebb and flow of my recovery – they are always safe people with whom to spend time.
I am known and loved. I am in authentic and meaningful relationships.
Thanks guys.

So pick a thing you like doing. Start doing it.
Or ask a friend or acquaintance to do it with you.
Doing an activity together builds relationship.

Board Games


Triple Treat: iPhone apps

Opened often this week.

  1. Paperback: The Game – adapted board game, creating words without the tension of Scrabble.
  2. MyTranslink – reliable public transport information, especially next service past your stop. Good job TMR!
  3. Wunderlist: To- Do List & Tasks – as advertised a list app, Stephen and I use it for shared shopping lists, topics to talk about and games to play.

    IKEA – provided a shopping list, map and locations for pick up, 35 min and we picked up everything (and I was restrained from impulse purchases)