Snapshot: Retiree

 Last week I had tea with one of the guys from church and his wife. It was an entertaining and encouraging conversation. I also interviewed him for this month’s Snapshot.

So meet Bernard.

Best use of $100?
A couple of nice shirts – mine are getting worn out.
But if you asked back when I started work, I was saving to buy a reel to reel recorder which was £100 pounds

Current vocation?
Retiree (previously Property valuer and organ technician)

Average week’s activities?
I’m out every day to a variety of things: church, appointments, concerts, funerals.

How many people do you interact with each week? In person/phone/online
I have incidental but meaningful chatting with 10 or shopkeepers across the road or at the local mall. Living in the same area since 1969 means we have lots of relationships, it’s like a village. I also talk with people at church.

This week I bumped into an acquaintance recovering from an operation and had a longer conversation.
Plus the phone rings regularly, perhaps 7 of those calls are longer conversations with close contacts.
I’m also fairly savvy on the Facebook.

What is one way you support someone each week?
I love and care for my wife, who has medium level needs.
I bring in the bins for our neighbours.

What action did you take this month to support someone you contact irregularly?
I have spasmodic contact with adult grandchildren, especially the few living locally.
I always seek to write a meaningful note to the bereaved – more than a card.

What did someone do this week to love you?
My wife – as much as she can.
Others show appreciation and encourage me when I receive written thanks for playing funerals (& weddings but they are less common now).

How do you practically care for yourself?
Music is a big part of to recharge my batteries. I listen to recorded music. Now I have an organ in the house sometimes I try to play something different or difficult. The hard work relaxes me, even after a long day.

Snapshot: Accountant

Meet my friend Agnes.

Best use of $100?
Our favourite activity at the moment is a day out to the beach for a swim and picnic lunch. $100 would cover the petrol with some leftover for a special treat for afternoon tea (icecream anyone?).

Current vocation?

Average week’s activities?
3 days a week are spent in the office. As my 3 year old would describe it, I read things, write things and talk to people. The rest of the week I am at home “keeping house” and being mum to two gorgeous girls.

How many people do you interact with each week?
In person/phone/online Between family, church family, work colleagues, clients, and other people I come across while out and about, anywhere from 30+.

What is one way you support someone each week?
Cooking meals for the family and packing lunches – the aim is to keep everyone well fed and alive!

What action did you take this month to support someone you contact irregularly?
I try when I can to catch up with a friend I haven’t seen for a while (I have a long backlog to work through :/). This month I am catching up with a friend, whom I haven’t seen for years, who is expecting twins. Lucky for her, we also have a number of baby clothes and items we no longer need. Win-win! She gets to pick through what we have, and I get someone to help “clean up” my house a bit!

How do you show love to yourself?
I love using what spare time I have to read fiction. It’s my way of having a break from the busy-ness of the day and relaxing.

What did someone do this week to love you?
My 3yo: “I love you Mummy – I like your shorts”. My 1yo (for the first time!): “Mumma”

How do you practically care for yourself?
Since becoming a Mum, I have come painfully slow to the realisation that I can’t do everything at once (who would have thought!) Instead I need to prioritise what is most important in the moment/week/month, while being flexible for any unexpected changes. Whether that is attending to a sick child, making sure the vacuuming and mopping gets done during the week to free up the weekend for a family outing, washing the sheets (because they haven’t been done for a month), or doing a special project like sewing a new outfit for the girls. Even if that means the vacuuming doesn’t get done this week, or the sheets don’t get washed for yet another week (oops!). I have learned sometimes I just need to let go and not worry – and acknowledge that at least I achieved something (even if that “something”  was a restful week at home doing nothing, but spending quality time with the girls and recharging ready for the next week).

So to sum up to this question – I do what I can and go easy on myself by letting go of what I can’t get done. I go to bed at night knowing that what I’ve done is “good enough”.

Snapshot: Tertiary Student

This time the snapshot really is anonymous – ish.

Best use of $100?
This is the worst question for me because I have no concept of the value of money. I want to say borrow a van, spend the money on fuel and supplies, and go somewhere remote where you can camp on the beach with people you love. But I don’t know if $100 will cover this, haha!

Current vocation?
I study theology and work part time. I also do some volunteer work for a charity.
Average week’s activities?
I go to lectures a few days a week, but don’t do enough of my readings and I leave most assignments to the last minute. I also have work some days. Most week nights are spoken for: I have Bible study, which is the highlight of my week because of the beautiful friends I have there, and I also go to a home gym and and have regular dinner nights with a group of friends. And there’s also church. I love these things. But as a massive introvert, I also really value the nights I don’t go anywhere or do anything.

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Snapshot: Keziah

Usually these posts will also be anonymous but my niece Keziah wanted to guest post on the blog.

Here is her interview, then her description of how she loves her school friend Felicity – Felicity is an only child and her father passed away last year.

Best use of $100?
On a car.

Current vocation?
Primary school student – Grade 3.

Average week’s activities?
Go to school, screen time, fresh water, play with friends, After School Care and hang with family.

How many people do you interact with each week? In person/phone/online
More than 50. Mostly at school. Sometimes on the phone.

What is one way you support someone
each week?
Lots of hugs and kisses for my family.

What action did you take
this month to support someone you contact irregularly?
Take photos and send a message, or call and ask what they have been doing like godmother Leigh.

How do you show love to yourself?
When I feel lonely I cuddle myself. I spin in circles when I’m bored.

What did someone do
this week to love you?
Cooked me dinner.
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Snapshot: Milika

Hey guys,
Another new category today. Snapshots. These are quick anonymous interviews from people in a variety of vocations. Who do they contact in a week and how do they love them.
Except this one is not anonymous. This one is me.


Best use of $100, in your mind?
Bottle of gin and jar of smoked almonds to enjoy with friends.

Current vocation?

Average week’s activities?
I have no regular commitments at the moment so my weeks vary. I’m currently at the beach but when I return to Brisbane probably: caring for my niece, writing group, doctor’s appointments, catch ups with friends, reading, gym classes, hanging with Stephen, church and naps. Oh yeah, and writing my blog.
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