Five things: to love women you don’t know

Today is International Women’s Day.
The ABC has Five Reasons why life is hard for Women in 2017.

Here are five ways to love women you don’t know.

  1.   Donate e.g.  Share the Dignity
    Aussie charity  organising donated sanitary products for homeless and low income women. They also fight against ‘luxury’ tax status for tampons.
  2. Talk up women
    Challies cites studies where six & seven year olds already have gendered beliefs.
    When I was a kid, the Australian government did a big campaign of ‘Girls can do anything.’
    Also I’m loving this new series Little People, Big Dreams.
  3. Stop disrespectful language and habits
    In his previous work role, my husband used the empty female toilets on site visits – because they were free from pornography.
    Friends working in administration are consistently referred to as ‘girls’; with ‘cunts and pussies’ often peppering conversation.
    Words matter – their meanings and conations develop with usage. Watch this video #LikeAGirl
  4. Affirm motherhood
    Prepare for controversy. I’m just saying it’s a viable and respected vocation. And it’s hard.
  5. Be informed
    UN Women has stats and articles.
    Remember the INTERNATIONAL aspect. In Australia most women go to school, wait until adulthood for marriage, have options for employment and motherhood is a choice. Not so in many countries.

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